Forget cosplay and other fetichism: the next frontier of Japanese porno are RC Helicopters movies. The Japanese adult video producers from Soft On Demand decided to shoot a porno video using a  full HD videocamera mounted on a radio controlled helicopter. The DVD has been released few weeks ago and is set in an Onsen, a Japanese Hot Spring, where girls usualy bath in a reserved area not accessible by men (without RC heli). Shooting naked girls is definitely more fun than filming neighborhooods with helicam rigs. Who knows ? Maybe this is the start of a new genre “aerial adult videos” or maybe “hobby porn”…

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During the toyfair in Nurnberg  from 4 till 10 february 2010   Serpent will release the  Serpent S100 World GT car. This Link type  1/10 scale pan-car uses the basis of the S120 and S120 Link car. Its shares the  top quality finish of all components with the other Serpent pancars and also the craftmanship and attention to detail.  A pure racing car.



I just discovered these uber geek model kits produced by Estes. You can choose to build your own Flying Model Rocket of the Enterprise (Star Trek), of the Space Probe (from the cult sci-fi movie “The Black Hole” released by Disney in 1979) or, like the guys at Verna rockets, you can build a rocket replica of the Viper from Battlestar Galactica. The sad thing is that these kits are out of production since almost 20 years but you can still build one from scratch thanks to the JimZ rocket plans website. (more…)