I ragazzi di Modellismo Maximo hanno postato un nuovo video su YouTube con una prova di abilità dell’incredibile riproduzione in scala dell’escavatore EC280MG dell’italiana DESPE. Il peso di questo modello è di ben 28,5Kg e la sua potenza è veramente incredibile!



DESPE EC280MG MODELLISMO MAXIMO - Radio Controlled excavator

This RC model is an electric replica of a real excavator produced in Italy by Despe. It waits 28,5 Kg (ca 62 pounds) and it way more powerful than average RC reproduction on the market. At 4500$ this is probably the most expensive (non flying) RC toy ever produced. You even need to buy separately a 8 ch proportional radio control, 4 rechargeable batteries Ni-MH 7.2V and a battery charger so this look like the perfect toy for the geeks who already got everything and need something to play in the garden or in the beach during next summer (don’t know why but I imagine Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory playing with this).

Main features:
- steel structure built at CNC
- carter processed pickled sheet laser
- powder coating
- 6 motorized proportional axles
- tracks PVC/steel with increased rib
- gears and transmissions build with C40 steel
- 1:14.5 scale
- 28,5kg operating mass
- two colored livery Despe - Special Demolition

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