Augmented Reality Carddas is not the only “techno toy” presented by Bandai druing the Tokyo Toy Show 2011. Another novelty from the Japanese toy giant is the EJacket series: a case for e-money cards that lights up and emits sounds taken from cult TV series like Kamen Rider or anime like One Piece and K-On!

The first EJacket is inspired by Kamer Rider that will be released on 23 march at 2000 Yen. At the beginning of december will be released the case from moe anime K-On! and before the end of the year the One Piece case will be out too.



iPhone AR manga game from BANDAI


During the Tokyo Toy Show 2011 presented a new series of card games called AR Carddas that can be played with iPhone.

When you “scan” a card a 3D character from One Piece or Kamen Rider appears on the screen. Then is possible to battle other characters and complete missions. The app let also players collect all the characters.

The first series will be released before the end of July. The cards are compatible with the (arcade game like) Carddas system that total over 100 million cards sold in Japan every year.



This is the week of the Tokyo Toy Show, where all the biggest Japanese toy makers showcase their new toys that will be released in the next few months. One of the most interesting new toys was the Mickey Mouse Robot we spotted in the Takara Tomy booth. It’s still in development. Specs and other info should be out before the end of the year but the concept drawing we have seen are really impressive and could give a great boost to the hobbistic robotics popularity.


G-Bound remote control car water surfaces


The G-Bound remote control car is no ordinary toy – it is the stuff of science fiction, where your standard remote control car is not only able to zip around the home without missing a beat, you can even send it to the local pond in order to chase ducks and other water-based fowl as well. Available in Japanese stores since last month, these cars can run on water not due to magic, but because the tires can be inflated coupled with a fully waterproof body. It will come with a maximum range of 10 meters and uses a standard 9V battery to run.